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Hollow Core Slabs

Precast Beams and Columns

External Cladding Wall Panels

Boundary Walls

Hollow Core Slabs

Hollow core slabsĀ  has always been precast pre-stressed concrete elements extensively used for floor, roof slabs and wall panels. With the innovative form design Ultra Core Solutions has successfully produced hollow core precast elements without the use of lone line extruders which form continuous cores running through the slabs. The primary purpose of these cores is to decrease by 30% the weight of the slabs, which leads to significant saving in the rest of the members in the building construction.

Some of key features of our manufacturing process are :

  • No machine for Hollow core slabs casting.
  • Portable casting beds for 100mm, 150mm, 200mm and 250mm thickness by changing core stress end assembly.
  • Easy to cast Omni slabs ( solid flat slabs ) in same casting bed.
  • Load bearing corbels can be casted with solid panel / hollow core slabs at same time.
  • Slab can be lifted by hooks to avoid accidents.
  • Easy to produce HVAC, Electrical openings by cancelling power tools or any additional workmanship.
  • Hollow core slabs can be produced with pre-stressed strands, TMT re-enforced bars and Wire Mesh.

Hollow core slabs from Ultracore Solutions are used both horizontally and vertically thanks to its unique manufacturing method and can be widely used in Residential, buildings, commercial & industrial structures, hotels, schools, shopping centres.

Advantages of Hollow core Slabs are numerous :

  • Remarkably lower price, compared to other systems.
  • Longer spans and greater loads than conventional slabs of the same thickness
  • Under side immediately ready for following trades.
  • Maximum design flexibility due to our unique manufacturing technique.
  • High strength, lightweight, durable structure.
  • Speed and ease of construction.
  • High thermal insulation properties.
  • They are also used as pre-existing conduits in which to place electrical cables and pipes thus reducing even further the overall construction time.

To further increase their strength, the slabs are reinforced with wire steel mesh which is only possible with our patent manufacturing method.

Hollow core is the product of choice in structures that require sound barriers between floors, excellent fire and earthquake resistance, heat insulation characteristics, long spans, and is therefore widely used for different types of buildings.

Hollow core is the product of choice in structures that require sound barriers between floors, excellent fire and earthquake resistance, heat insulation characteristics, long spans, and is therefore widely used for different types of buildings.

Precast Beams and Columns

In construction, time matters. Starting from design, manufacturing and construction, a Precast solution offers considerable time saving, in addition to flexibility of design, neat construction site and less manpower usage. Precast beams and columns offer perfect solution for fast track projects as well as regular projects. Whether for a simple or complex structures, precast beams and columns are flexible enough to suit all architectural andĀ  structural criteria. Ultra Core Solutions, in both conventional and pre-stressed concrete, are designed to optimum slenderness and economy. Also, whether feasible, they are designed as a composite section by taking into account the concrete topping or screed of the slab on top. Connections are given optimum flexibility, whether conceived as hinged, semi-rigid or rigid. Ultra Core Solutions manufactures columns in different shapes and for different needs, whether rectangular, circular or even irregular. They are elegant, easy to erect and reliable.

Advantages of using Precast/Pre-stressed beams and columns:

  • Off-site manufacturing means stricter quality and safety control, and therefore results in better Quality & more Durable products.
  • Faster Construction time.
  • Less formwork, site clutter, propping and temporary works, which in turn leads to better site management, lower costs and increased safety.
  • Long spans (especially for pre-stressed beams)
  • High Loading Capacity
  • Less weather dependency

Typical Applications

  • Multi-store parking buildings
  • Large industry buildings
  • Office buildings, schools, hospitals
  • Shopping Malls
  • Warehouses

External Cladding Wall panels

Significant progress in the field of architectural and structural Engineering has further enhanced the design of precast Wall Panels which are manufactured to suit the needs and requirements of each unique project. If compared with other solutions, no other construction system combines as many benefits as the precast wall system : speed of Construction and Erection ; high Quality and Durability ; versatility and flexibility of implementation ; as well as enhanced safety during construction and end-users utilization. Ultra core Precast allows a wide variety of Precast Wall Panels including external, internal, solid and sandwich panels which are suitable for most of the buildings.

Critical Advantages of Precast Wall Panels

  • Our engineering team performs in-depth studies of the characteristics of the project, whether originally meant for precast construction or not, and proposes tailor made value-engineered solutions meeting all the project requirements with optimized construction costs.
  • Ultra Core Solutions produces precast wall panels under strict Quality Assurance and Quality Control, complying with ISO 9001 International Standards.
  • The stringent quality controlled conditions under which the concrete is produced ensures that the dense precast concrete components have smooth surfaces that resist moistures penetration, fungus and corrosion.
  • Fast construction means earlier completion. This, in turn, means earlier occupancy or use of the premises and reduces the high cost of both onsite labour and interim financing.
  • Factory construction methods have also permitted Ultra Core Solutions to vastly expand the design versatility of the product including reveals, patterns and other architectural effects.
  • High strength and durable product
  • No plastering required on both sides.

Boundary Walls

With the increase demand for boundary walls in India, Ultra Core Solutions has developed complete engineering solutions, advanced and economical for all types of boundary walls for villas, residential complexes, functional halls , farms houses , industry and other facilities. Ultra Core Solutions Precast boundary walls solutions allow the architect full freedom in developing distinctive designs whether traditional or modern, simple or complex, to suit the owner’s requirements.

Ultra Core Systems boundary wall solutions includes the following:

  • Precast boundary walls with different heights and appearances, using isolated or strip footing according to soil bearing capacity.
  • Hollow core boundary wall which is an economical alternative suitable for industrial activities or farms.

Advantages of using Ultracore Solutions Boundary Walls :

  • High quality since our product is produced giving importance to mold making method and details
  • Various designs or logs can be casted on wall panels
  • Durable Product
  • Low maintenance
  • Speed of accomplishment : Our erection team will complete boundary wall jobs in record time.
  • A true boundary wall like others which are precast fencing only and are more strong.

We offer wide range expertise in the fields of structural Design

Design for total building systems, redesign for conventional to Precast structures, manufacturing of components in Precast and Pre-stressed Concrete as well as transportation and erection of concrete panels. We undertake both Precast and Cast-in-situ construction turnkey projects.