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Hollow core slabs  has always been precast pre-stressed concrete elements extensively used for floor, roof slabs and wall panels. With the innovative form design Ultra Core Solutions has successfully produced hollow core precast elements without the use of lone line extruder’s which form continuous cores running through the slabs. The primary purpose of these cores is to decrease by 30% the weight of the slabs, which leads to significant saving in the rest of the members in the building construction.

Some of key features of our manufacturing process are :

  • No machine for Hollow core slabs casting.
  • Portable casting beds for 100mm, 150mm, 200mm  and 250mm thickness by changing core stress end assembly.
  • Easy to cast Omni slabs ( solid flat slabs ) in same casting bed.
  • Load bearing corbels can be casted with solid panel / hollow core slabs at same time.
  • Slab can be lifted by hooks to avoid accidents.
  • Easy to produce HVAC, Electrical openings by canceling power tools or any additional workmanship.
  • Hollow core slabs can be produced with pre-stressed strands, TMT re-enforced bars and Wire Mesh.

Hollow core slabs from Ultra Core Solutions are used both horizontally and vertically thanks to its unique manufacturing method and can be widely used in villas, buildings, commercial & industrial structures, hotels, schools, shopping centers.

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